Pastor Jim – August 21, 2014

I know that we have been praying for rain, but some people received over 3 inches in just a short time last Sunday night! Yet, some of you, who are receiving this e-news didn’t get a drop! What extremes!

Speaking of extremes, this past week I was driving to work in the morning and I saw the most beautiful deer – standing alongside the road eating some green grass.  It turned and looked at me with its big eyes as if to say, “leave me alone and let me enjoy my breakfast.”

Just a mile down the road, I came across yet another deer, this time it was a nice sized buck, with a six-point rack that was still in the velvet stage. The only difference between the two deer was, the buck had its eyes closed, it was lying down and it was dead!

Some people would describe this as “ROAD KILL.”

Wikipedia defines it as “an animal or animals that have been struck and killed by motor vehicles.” Road kill is never pretty nor does it usually smell good! In fact, road kill is something that causes most people to react with a frown or a sad response. I guess if we wanted, we could use the word “road kill” to describe a person running over another person and leaving them wounded on the road of life!

It happens all the time – Someone knowingly or unknowingly runs over another person who gets in their way and leaves them hurt or wounded by the side of this “every day journey” we call “life.” This Sunday we will be talking about road kill in the context of church and life in general.

I hope you can make it this weekend, who knows it could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim

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