Pastor Jim – Own Yourself


Pastor Jim – Own Yourself

Only in Minnesota…

can you change in temperature from the 80’s to the 50’s in such a short time! Welcome to our Fall season, Winter is just around the corner!

This morning, Pastor Bruce and I had the chance to sit with a gentleman who has attended our church for the past six years with is wife and two children. We shared a last meal together because he just took a new job position in the state of Wisconsin. Both he and his wife were very appreciative and loved you – the church body!

Some day we will meet together again in heaven with Jesus.

 This Sunday, we are kicking off a new series titled “OWN YOUR BLOCK.” For the next six weeks we will talk about owning your home and family, owning your neighborhood, owning your city and owning the world.

This Sunday I will be challenging you with the thought of taking responsibility for yourself – spiritually speaking. If you really think about it, in order for me to own my family and to own my neighborhood, I must first take responsibility for my own life and my own block… me!

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