Pastor Jim – Surfing the Storms


Pastor Jim – Surfing the Storms

What an amazing Autumn it has been so far! Last night the rainfall was almost a nice change to all of the sunny days we have enjoyed.

The good news is the weather report shows more great weather ahead for Southeastern Minnesota. It just goes to show that change is good for all of us; too much of any good thing can end up being a bad thing. The sun is lovely, but without the rain, the sun can become a big problem.

It’s kind of like that in the Christian life. Jesus loves you and I so much, that he allows both sunshine and the rain in our spiritual journey. Most of the time, these are welcome changes. But then there are those times of extreme weather that none of us like to face; droughts, floods… and storms.

In Acts 27, Paul the Apostle found himself in a storm of such violence, there was no possible way he could survive without divine intervention.

In a story that Hollywood would love to put on film, Paul finds himself a prisoner on a huge Roman ship with almost 300 people on board including crew, soldiers, prisoners, and a Centurion named Julius – and they set sail for a trip that turns into their worst nightmare!

Come on out this Sunday to hear my message, “Storms Of Life” and find out what happened to Paul and the others and what God did when all hope was lost!

Bring a friend this Sunday! Who knows, it may change their life for eternity.

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