Pastor Jim – Unwrapping Our Gifts


Pastor Jim – Unwrapping Our Gifts

Wow, can you believe that it’s only 6 days away from Christmas? The month of December has gone so quickly!

Last Sunday we kicked off our December series titled “CARDBOARD CHRISTMAS.”

Many of you have shared how your heart was touched but even more your spirit was challenged. I have had a number of people stop by the office and share in tears how God is calling them to a deeper understanding of what Christmas is all about!

This Sunday we will focus on “CHRISTMAS UNWRAPPED.” Each pastor will unwrap a present that they either gave or received in the past. You will be inspired by each story and I know that the Lord is going to encourage our hearts.

The children of the church will be singing a special Christmas medley in the main services. This is always a true photo opportunity!

Don’t forget, this Sunday after church we will be celebrating Christmas together. Bring a plate of cookies to share and dress up for your awkward Christmas photo at our special booth! There will be a microphone and piano available for you or your children to sing and play their favorite Christmas carol.

I look forward in seeing you this Sunday. Who knows, it could change your life for eternity!

P Jim

Photo used by permission – Creative Commons License, James E. Petts.

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