Pastor Andy – Do You Expect?


Pastor Andy – Do You Expect?

Merry Christmas! I Hope that you had a fun-filled time with your family and friends remembering and celebrating Christ’ birth.

Last Sunday was great observing our children
singing a few songs and listening to the staff explain the meaning of a gift that they have received. Pastor Bruce and Pastor Ernie both truly enjoyed participating this year in Christmas Unwrapped – from the comfort of their seats.

One of them shared thanks after Sunday for the fact that he did not need to come up with an idea. That person will remain nameless, but you have a right to guess.:-)

I’m excited to deliver the message this Sunday as we enter into a new focused topic of “2015” and “Perspectives.”

I have great expectation and excitement for what God holds in store for this up-and-coming calendar year.

Do you have an excitement for 2015?

If not, I hope this Sunday will birth an expectation to see great things happen in our home, neighborhood block, church, city, and the world.

See you soon. God bless.

Pastor Andy

Photo used by permission – Flickr creative commons license. Taken by Pete Souza.

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