Pastor Jim – Do Look Back


Pastor Jim – Do Look Back

Greetings to you on this chilly week in Rochester Minnesota!

I went online and looked at record temperatures as recorded by the Rochester International Airport and found that in January 1951 we experienced a 40-below zero day! They didn’t say what the wind chill was, but I can only imagine that it was deadly!

It’s interesting to me how we have the ability to look back and see what we have endured with temperatures 10, 50 even 100 years go! Spiritually speaking, we have the same ability to look back at our Christian lives and recount our past. In fact, it’s in the past that we have built our foundations on Christ. Hopefully each year as we grow and mature we become more like Jesus.

We are now over a week into the new year of 2015. Some people would tell us not to look back but only look forward. However, I have learned that it’s okay to look back to see how my spiritual foundation is doing. How is your foundation? This Sunday we are going to talk about “PRESERVING PERSPECTIVE IN 2015.”

I am praying for warmer temperatures and even more so that our spiritual hearts will be set on fire for Jesus!

I hope to see you Sunday. Who knows, it could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim


Photo used by Permission, Flickr Creative Commons License

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