Pastor Jim – Perhaps God Will


Pastor Jim – Perhaps God Will

You have to love this weather!

High temperatures in the low 30’s and nighttime temperatures in the mid 20’s!

This is the life! Who needs Arizona when you have balmy Minnesota!

I am very excited for us to gather together this Sunday and open the Scriptures. I believe the Lord has given me a message that is going to challenge our hearts. Yet at the same time we will also experience God’s mercy!

If you want to get a head start for Sunday, go to Psalms 107 and read about how great and loving our God is! We will also touch on the topic, “Perhaps God.” Jonathan and his armor bearer understood what it meant to say the words, “Perhaps God will act on our behalf?”

Are you in need of Gods help? Are you ready to say the words “perhaps God will act on my behalf?”

There is no better feeling for the believer than to understand that God is for them and not against them!

I hope to see you this Sunday. Who knows, it may change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim

Photo used by Permission, Flickr Creative Commons License

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