Pastor Jim – Get Topped Off


Pastor Jim – Get Topped Off

Yesterday I had the chance to drive our 1998 Honda Accord.

Usually my wife Julie drives this car and it has been a great ride for the last 240,000 miles!

However, I noticed when I drove the car last night – the temperature gauge needle was bouncing from cold to warm and then falling back to cold again even though it had been running for a while. After letting the engine cool down, I checked the antifreeze level and it was low. After topping off the coolant, I realized a simple fact: every car on occasion is going to need to be topped off!

From a spiritual perspective, isn’t this one of the reasons we come to church on Sunday mornings? We could be spiritually low and in need of a filling! Have you ever felt like your spiritual life is dry or up and then down? Maybe you need to be topped off spiritually?

This Sunday we are blessed to have Eric Samuel Timm speaking in all 3 Sunday-morning services. Eric has a fresh word from the Lord and I believe the Holy Spirit is going to use this as a way to fill our spiritual reservoir to the brim!

Just a reminder, we will be having our annual chili bowl cook-off after 3rd hour service. Come and enjoy some fellowship and fun and make your vote for your favorite chili. Also, this is the Sunday that our new “Junior kids church” room officially opens. If you have a child between the ages of 4 ½ thru 1st grade, bring them to the Kid’s Wing before 3rd Service . They are going to be amazed that there is a service just for them!

Who knows, this Sunday could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim

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