Pastor Jim – Take Your Aim


Pastor Jim – Take Your Aim

Get ready!

We are entering that time of the year once again where things get really busy at Rochester Assembly.

I hope you enjoyed our Mission’s Emphasis the past two weeks. Reports continue to come in about how people were deeply moved by our Sunday speakers and amazing testimonies of salvation and healing. Pastor Jorden did a great job organizing these special events and services.

Tickets are now on sale for our Easter Production of SPECTACLE 2.0. This will be a dynamic event with 60 plus people involved from our congregation. You will want to get tickets NOW and invite a friend (when you buy one, we will give you an extra ticket free for that friend.)

This coming week – February 23-24 is the Ladies Candlelight Dinner. We are going to have about 400 ladies for each night, featured by a gourmet meal and the amazingly talented international recording artist – Sara Groves.

Why are we doing all of these events?

Because we want to reach out to a hurting and lost world and offer them hope and eternal life in Christ!

When we plan these targeted events, we are thinking of specific people with specific needs. All across the world, people respond with a unique and individual approach. Jesus lived his life this way – communicating with each person in a relevant way that they could understand and connect with.

When you aim at a target and hit dead center in archery, that’s called hitting the “Bullseye!” Often the archery range manager will call out this phrase when someone has made a perfect execution.

You and I are not perfect, far from it, but God is working within us, making us more and more like Jesus. He is helping us hit the “Bullseye!” in our outreach opportunities as well as in our personal walk with him.

That said, we will be starting a new Sermon Series this Sunday called, “Bullseye”. Come on out this Sunday for “Bullseye – Part I” and bring a friend.

Who knows, it could change them for eternity!

Pastor Jim


(“ArcheryGermanyEarly1980s-2” by derivative work: Saibo (Δ)Image-ArcheryGermanyEarly1980s-OriginalScan.jpg: RX-Guru – Image-ArcheryGermanyEarly1980s-OriginalScan.jpg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

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