Pastor Jim – This New Life


Pastor Jim – This New Life

He is risen!

I love saying that. Well, we had an incredible time last Sunday as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you missed the service, you can still watch the video or listen to the podcast right here.

Highlights of Easter Sunday included amazing worship with our Minister of Music – Kati Dean and her amazing band, Sharon Ardon giving a stirring and emotional proclamation of faith, and also watching Jesus (Greg Chalmers, reprising his role from Spectacle 2.0) stand up and take my place (and yours) up on the cross.

Then just a few days before that, we had a wonderful time at the 2015 Easter production of “Spectacle 2.0” with over 1,100 people in attendance! There were so many stories of people who came to the production, it would take an entire month to do them all justice. See PICS of the Production here.

Some of you might be saying, “That was great! Now what?” What a great question. We are going to be taking the next several Sundays and hopefully answer that question for you.

Just as each person who came to one of our services or events has a special story, we want to focus on a few Stories Of Hope. This Series will officially LAUNCH this Sunday morning, so get here early, and bring a friend who needs some hope with you.

Who knows, it could change their life for eternity!

Pastor Jim


Photo taken by ElPadawan 2012; Used by Permission under Flickr Creative Commons License

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