Pastor Jim – You’re No Problem


Pastor Jim – You’re No Problem

As I sit at my desk this morning finishing up various odds and ends, my heart is so thankful for what the Lord is doing in our community of believers.

If you were at church last Sunday, we heard the amazing story of Melissa.

It was a story of pain, heartache, tragedy and ultimately – salvation! Melissa shared how she is now 8 years sober and desires to impact people who are struggling with the same things she endured!

This Sunday we will continue with our series titled: “STORIES OF HOPE”. Maybe you have already had the opportunity to meet Doug Gerhart? He helped take our two mission teams to Honduras last summer! Doug gave us the opportunity to help with an orphanage and we purchased cattle and chickens for the kids and families.

This week we will share with you Doug’s story. Doug’s life has come from total darkness to the perfect light of Christ. He has lived in complete darkness and now is passionate about walking in the love of Christ.

You will hear from his own lips that his family had a problem – and he was the problem!

I challenge you to come this Sunday and hear how this story of HOPE could possibly change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim


Phot0 by Driver / Photographer. Used by Permission, Flickr Creative Commons License

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