Pastor Jim – Beyond The Bully


Pastor Jim – Beyond The Bully

This past week has proven to be a bit chillier than most of us were ready for!

The swing in temperatures has caused us to pull out our jackets to protect us from the cold winds! I am ready for a true warm up, how about you?

Last Sunday, we experienced a “hot” service!

Doug Gerhart shared his “Story of Hope” and it touched the hearts of many! The topic and story was so powerful that it has continued to impact lives all this week.

I have had people calling me to make appointments because they are currently living two separate lives. I have had people contact me because they are not being a good spouse or parent. I have had people contact me this week because they have addiction problems and are realizing that there is a battle for their soul! There was a powerful sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit in all three services! Thank you Doug for taking a risk to share your life-changing story!

This week we will continue with our “STORIES OF HOPE” series. The topic this week is going to deal with the story of a young girl who faced intimidation by a fellow student.

In today’s society we would call it “bullying”.

Is it possible that another person can intimidate and bully so much that the one being harassed can’t cope with life? Is it possible that someone can bully another person so badly that they have no desire to function in society? It’s almost like they have lost all hope!

If you have ever felt intimidated by someone else or felt pushed around and mistreated, you will want to be here this Sunday morning! I know that the Lord is going to challenge each one of us on this topic.

Who knows, this may change your life for eternity! See you Sunday.

Pastor Jim


Photo by Vicky / TwentyFour Students @ Flickr Creative Commons License.


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