Pastor Jim – A Good God


Pastor Jim – A Good God


You officially made it through the last six months of clouds, cold and claustrophobia.

They say April showers bring May flowers. By the looks of it, this is shaping up to be a beautiful Spring and Summer. I hope you are getting some chances to get out and enjoy this wonderful sunshine!

I want to remind you all that this Sunday is Water Baptism Sunday! Come out and hear some great stories of people being transformed by the love of Christ! And then of course next Sunday is Mother’s Day with special guest Eric Samuel Timm! I’m sure he will have an encouraging message for mothers as well as the rest of us.

What a great time we had together last Sunday as Megan Pratt shared her touching story. I know many of us can identify with being bullied in some way in our lives.

This Sunday we have another Story Of Hope about a couple in our church who were bullied – not by another human, but by a life-threatening situation.

Sometimes the storms of life that crash upon us can have almost a menacing presence. It can seem like something or someone is behind the trial we face, trying to beat us up emotionally with guilt, fear, despair, and even hopelessness; trying to get us to give up our faith and trust in God, and if possible, get us to give up – period.

This week we will hear from this couple as they literally fought for the life of their child – to the point of death. And then, when all appeared “hopeless” they somehow found the strength to trust and let go of their child. Somehow (Like Abraham and his son Isaac) they found the strength to place their son into the very arms of God.

They came to that place where, whether Isaac lived or died, Abraham could say, “God is Good!”

What happened next, I cannot tell you now. You have to come this Sunday and hear the rest of this story! It is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, and pull you closer to the center of God’s heart.

Who knows, this may change your life for eternity! See you Sunday.

Pastor Jim
Photo By Deeporaj (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons License. Used by permission

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