Pastor Jim – God Will Forgive


Pastor Jim – God Will Forgive

What an interesting week of weather! The Filbeck family is still praying for a dry day on Saturday for our daughter’s wedding!

This Sunday we will continue with our series on the life and times of Jonah.  If you get the chance, take time to read the last two chapters. Once again we see that God chooses to be forgiving and compassionate! The people in city of Nineveh were out of control in sin and violence. Those who were living in this city had become vile in the eyes of the Lord.

They not only worshipped other images, but they invited witchcraft and darkness into their daily lives!

Yet, it’s amazing to see that when people humble themselves and truly repent, God is always quick to forgive. However, this Sunday’s message isn’t so much about the people of Nineveh, as much as it is about a man named Jonah who gets mad at God for not destroying the city!

In fact, Jonah almost punishes God for being merciful!

Wow, is it possible that you and I as believers can get angry at God? Is it possible that we wouldn’t want God to save someone who was once living an evil life but now cries out to God for help?

Welcome to the life and times of Jonah! Yet, the big question is: “could the life of Jonah also be a description of us?”

I hope to see you this Sunday morning, who knows it could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim


Photo taken by Jan Seft, May 17, 2009. Used by Permission Flickr Creative Commons License

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