Pastor Jim – You and I


Pastor Jim – You and I

Last Sunday we finished up the book of Jonah – and what a great book it is!
Interestingly enough, many times we think that Bible stories are events of the past and have no impact on us today. Yet, this past week I received an email from one of the men in church sharing a link that Jonah is not a “whale of a story” but a real historical person! If you get the chance, take a look at this link about the destruction of Jonah’s tomb:For a couple of laughs, take a look at this link about Jonah’s childhood:

Ha ha!
This Sunday we are kicking-off a new series titled “DIY“.  We all know ‘DIY’ stands for “Do It Yourself”.  All of you home improvement people that love to knock down walls, replace floors and recreate new spaces – this preaching series is for you.
Yet before you get too excited, we have changed the meaning just a bit; to DIT – “Doing it Together”.  This series is going to be about the church family living our faith and doing life together!
Our goal during this series is to make church more intimate with you, Jesus and others!  We are going to help you grow in your faith walk and hopefully, by the end of the series, you will sense a “before and after” moment!
I am excited to see how this series comes together.
Who knows, it could change your life for eternity!
Pastor Jim
Photo by Olger Fallas 4/23/2010 used by permission – Flickr Creative Commons Copyright

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