Pastor Jim – On Solid Ground


Pastor Jim – On Solid Ground

If I didn’t know better, I would think that fall has arrived. I even had a church member tell me this morning the trees along the church drive are turning red!
God in his infinite wisdom created the seasons and also gave us the ability to know when change is going to occur just by the color of the leaves!
This past week I had the chance to visit my older sister and her family in Kentucky. My nephew was getting married and this was the first time in years that we as a family all gathered in one place. The wedding was in Lexington and it was held outdoors at a historical farm. On the property was an old stable – used for horses and a farmhouse were one of Daniel Boone’s relatives lived.
If only the walls of that old house could speak!
What I found interesting was that they would not allow anyone to enter the old farmhouse. The structure looked well-maintained from my perspective. Yet, I have to wonder if the concern was with the foundation of the building?
You do realize that a house is only as good as its foundation?
Your house may be decorated to the hilt and win many Good Housekeeping awards. Yet, if the foundation is faulty, the house has little to no value!
This Sunday we are going to talk about the topic of “HOME SWEET HOME”.
You’re home (spiritually speaking) has great potential. However, in order for your spiritual home to have any value you must make sure that Jesus is your foundation!
I hope to see you this Sunday as we gather together in the Name and foundation of Jesus Christ!
Who knows it could change your life for eternity!
Pastor Jim
Photo taken January 24, 2007 by Rolf Obermaier. Used by Permission WikiMedia Creative Commons License.

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