Pastor Jim – Taking His Time


Pastor Jim – Taking His Time

On Wednesday night a group of us went on a church motorcycle ride.
We started on 18th Avenue and made our way through Douglas, Pine Island, Mazeppa and eventually made it out to Zumbro Falls. Our destination was Zumbro Falls Golf Club to try one of their award winning burgers.
The funny thing about the ride, which ended up being 60 miles, is it took us over an hour to get to our destination. For those of you who know where Zumbro Falls is, it’s not that far from Rochester! We could have chosen a more efficient route and made the trip in less than 20 minutes!
However, I have learned that these bikers aren’t necessarily about getting from point A to point B in the quickest time. No, these bikers are all about the ride! They want to see the farms and ride the curves and experience the smells of the country!
In our Christian walk, we have to have the same mentality. It’s not about going from point A to point B.
It’s about enjoying the journey and growing in your faith. Growth takes time. Growth takes energy and commitment. If you want to grow in Christ you will need to learn to “enjoy the ride”!

This Sunday we are going to be kicking off a short series titled “Focus”. We will be looking at our churches’ purpose and mission and asking ourselves some tough questions.
I hope that you can make it this Sunday, who knows it could change your life for eternity!
P Jim
Photo Taken by Dennis Bratland Created: 7 June 2008. used by Permission from Wikipedia Creative Commons License.

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