Perspectives in 2015


Pastor Jim – White As Snow

I am not sure what your thoughts are on our recent snowfalls, but I love to see the ground covered with a fresh blanket of snow!

There is something beautiful and pure about fresh, fallen and brilliant white snow.

Isaiah the prophet uses this word “snow” to express the power of God:”Come now, let’s settle this,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool. (Isaiah 1:18 NLT).

This is why I love it when it snows! God is giving us a visual of what it looks like to have your sins covered and forgiven!

This Sunday is going to be a great day!

We are blessed to have Jeremy Owen who lives in a needy part of our globe. God has used Jeremy and his wife to make new in-roads into some of the most difficult areas of the world! I am excited to hear different stories of how God is impacting people on the other side of the world with the power of the cross of Jesus Christ!

There is going to be soup and sandwiches immediately after 3rd-hour service for those who want to have a deeper conversation with Jeremy. (cost is $5 or $20 for your family). If you are interested, please email Pastor Jorden at

Please make this a priority for your Sunday morning. Who knows, it could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim – Get Topped Off

Yesterday I had the chance to drive our 1998 Honda Accord.

Usually my wife Julie drives this car and it has been a great ride for the last 240,000 miles!

However, I noticed when I drove the car last night – the temperature gauge needle was bouncing from cold to warm and then falling back to cold again even though it had been running for a while. After letting the engine cool down, I checked the antifreeze level and it was low. After topping off the coolant, I realized a simple fact: every car on occasion is going to need to be topped off!

From a spiritual perspective, isn’t this one of the reasons we come to church on Sunday mornings? We could be spiritually low and in need of a filling! Have you ever felt like your spiritual life is dry or up and then down? Maybe you need to be topped off spiritually?

This Sunday we are blessed to have Eric Samuel Timm speaking in all 3 Sunday-morning services. Eric has a fresh word from the Lord and I believe the Holy Spirit is going to use this as a way to fill our spiritual reservoir to the brim!

Just a reminder, we will be having our annual chili bowl cook-off after 3rd hour service. Come and enjoy some fellowship and fun and make your vote for your favorite chili. Also, this is the Sunday that our new “Junior kids church” room officially opens. If you have a child between the ages of 4 ½ thru 1st grade, bring them to the Kid’s Wing before 3rd Service . They are going to be amazed that there is a service just for them!

Who knows, this Sunday could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim

Photo used by permission. Wikipedia rights free usage agreement.



Pastor Jim – Perhaps God Will

You have to love this weather!

High temperatures in the low 30’s and nighttime temperatures in the mid 20’s!

This is the life! Who needs Arizona when you have balmy Minnesota!

I am very excited for us to gather together this Sunday and open the Scriptures. I believe the Lord has given me a message that is going to challenge our hearts. Yet at the same time we will also experience God’s mercy!

If you want to get a head start for Sunday, go to Psalms 107 and read about how great and loving our God is! We will also touch on the topic, “Perhaps God.” Jonathan and his armor bearer understood what it meant to say the words, “Perhaps God will act on our behalf?”

Are you in need of Gods help? Are you ready to say the words “perhaps God will act on my behalf?”

There is no better feeling for the believer than to understand that God is for them and not against them!

I hope to see you this Sunday. Who knows, it may change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim

Photo used by Permission, Flickr Creative Commons License


Pastor Jim – Time For Life

I wonder why there seems to be a skip in people’s steps this morning? Could it be that the sun is shining and that temperatures are expected to be in the mid 30’s this week? Thank you Lord for sending the heat wave!

We are completing our second full week in January 2015. How are you doing with your spiritual resolutions? How are you doing with your prayer and fasting?

I have heard from some people that the Lord is really challenging them and speaking to their hearts about getting closer to Jesus than ever before! Let me encourage you to keep running the race, finish the course and shoot for the finish line! I am believing that 2015 is going to be the best year yet in seeing God move in our church and community!

This Sunday is Sanctity of Life Sunday. We have the privilege of having Pastor Paula Ellefson share part of her story and challenge our hearts on how much God loves human kind!

Let’s all come together this weekend and agree in prayer for all the children, those born and those yet to be conceived.

Thought of the Day: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” God bless and see you Sunday. Who knows, it could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim

Photo used by Permission, Flickr Creative Commons License


Pastor Jim – Do Look Back

Greetings to you on this chilly week in Rochester Minnesota!

I went online and looked at record temperatures as recorded by the Rochester International Airport and found that in January 1951 we experienced a 40-below zero day! They didn’t say what the wind chill was, but I can only imagine that it was deadly!

It’s interesting to me how we have the ability to look back and see what we have endured with temperatures 10, 50 even 100 years go! Spiritually speaking, we have the same ability to look back at our Christian lives and recount our past. In fact, it’s in the past that we have built our foundations on Christ. Hopefully each year as we grow and mature we become more like Jesus.

We are now over a week into the new year of 2015. Some people would tell us not to look back but only look forward. However, I have learned that it’s okay to look back to see how my spiritual foundation is doing. How is your foundation? This Sunday we are going to talk about “PRESERVING PERSPECTIVE IN 2015.”

I am praying for warmer temperatures and even more so that our spiritual hearts will be set on fire for Jesus!

I hope to see you Sunday. Who knows, it could change your life for eternity!

Pastor Jim


Photo used by Permission, Flickr Creative Commons License


Pastor Andy – Time To Prepare

What a cold morning! Hope you are staying warm and comfy as we get ready to bring the year to a close.

If you were in church this past Sunday, you remember that we talked about taking some time during these next few days for personal reflection and expectancy.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a great example of expectant faith. She dreamed and planned and prepared for the arrival of her child and our Savior. I think it’s always fun to watch a pregnant mother get ready for her child’s birth. The parents eagerly look forward to the birth with expectancy, because they know that this newborn child is going to change their lives.

What would happen if you and I were “pregnant” with a dream, goal or ministry vision for 2015? We would all be expecting great things from God.

As we enter 2015 tomorrow night at Midnight, I want to encourage you to begin this corporate journey of fasting and prayer together with us during the month of January. We are encouraging everyone to let God lead them with what to fast, and how often. Regardless, may we all really pray and seek God like never before for a great year of growth in 2015!

See you this Sunday,

Pastor Andy


Pastor Andy – Do You Expect?

Merry Christmas! I Hope that you had a fun-filled time with your family and friends remembering and celebrating Christ’ birth.

Last Sunday was great observing our children
singing a few songs and listening to the staff explain the meaning of a gift that they have received. Pastor Bruce and Pastor Ernie both truly enjoyed participating this year in Christmas Unwrapped – from the comfort of their seats.

One of them shared thanks after Sunday for the fact that he did not need to come up with an idea. That person will remain nameless, but you have a right to guess.:-)

I’m excited to deliver the message this Sunday as we enter into a new focused topic of “2015” and “Perspectives.”

I have great expectation and excitement for what God holds in store for this up-and-coming calendar year.

Do you have an excitement for 2015?

If not, I hope this Sunday will birth an expectation to see great things happen in our home, neighborhood block, church, city, and the world.

See you soon. God bless.

Pastor Andy

Photo used by permission – Flickr creative commons license. Taken by Pete Souza.

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