Arts Ministries:

Our use of the arts, including music, dramas, and technical services for ministry, provides the opportunity for individuals to use their God-given talent both on and off the stage.  We believe that each person is uniquely created to bring honor to God in multiple ways.  The following are the main areas of ministry in the arts department.

Music Ministry:

Rochester Assembly embraces many different genres and styles of music as we join together corporately in worship to God.  The music ministry exists to provide opportunities for individuals to use their abilities, instrumentally and vocally, to honor and thank God.  We are always looking for more people to get involved in this area.  Contact Kati Dean at to set up an audition or for more information.

Music Programs:

Church Worship Nights are a great opportunity to go a little deeper with God in a live worship atmosphere and to receive ministry and prayer.  These events are held monthly in the Rochester Assembly sanctuary from 4-6 PM  Everybody is welcome to attend and also to come and go as they please throughout the time of worship.   Come join us at the next worship night.  For more information or to get more involved at a worship night, please contact Isiah Lecea at


Drama and Productions: 

We find great value in utilizing seasonal productions, mini dramas, and short videos to share the gospel.  With this in mind, we utilize an assortment of talented people such as actors, singers, performers, musicians, stage set designers, costume designers, lighting specialists, backstage crew hands and videographers.  If you are interested in getting connected with future projects, please contact Pastor Jorden Johnson at

Tech Department:  The tech teams at Rochester Assembly exist to provide excellence on the stage by utilizing stage lighting, live video production, and sound engineering for all services.  We are always looking for talented individuals to join the volunteer team to serve in these “behind the scenes” ministries.  Contact Pastor Andy Cass at for information on how to get involved in this area.

Rochester Assembly

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Services on Sundays:

8:00 AM Traditional Church Experience
9:30 AM Modern Church Experience
11:00 AM Modern Church Experience

Wednesday Activities:

7:00 PM Weekly
Adult bible studies available
Teens meet in the Theater
Check in required for children 5th grade and under