Care Ministries:

Our Care ministries aim to support and assist people at Rochester Assembly in a number of specific areas.  Scroll through the following ways we want to support you:


Our goal is to see people who visit Rochester Assembly become connected and involved in ministry with great ease and excitement.  The assimilation ministry aims to provide a route for spiritual growth, knowledge about the church, and equipping people for a long-term commitment to Christ and the church.  A series of classes that we call The Growth Track are offered and taught by Pastor Andy Cass.  Contact Pastor Andy via email to sign up for the next Growth Track session by emailing.


We believe that true religion is to take care of the widows and orphans in their distress, as the book of James declares.  We are intentional about helping people in our church and community through all of life’s circumstances.   To receive support, please contact the church office to set up an appointment with Pastor Reed Cape at 507.288.0868.


The hospitality ministries within the church aim to create a welcoming environment to help people experience a sense of belonging at Rochester Assembly.  This ministry encompasses ushers, greeters, information center hostesses, and book nook helpers.  We are always looking for more people to partner with us in these ministries in order to make the greatest impact in the lives of those who step into our church.  Please contact Sherrie Walker at if you are interested in serving in any of these capacities.

USHERS LINK: Ushers Online Schedule


Given the fact that our church is uniquely placed in here in Rochester, and the Mayo Clinic is in our backyard, we embrace the ministry of visitation.  There are pastors on staff and a number of church members that would love to visit and pray with you in your time of need.  No matter if you are a church member or a visitor to Rochester, please inform us of your desire for a visit.  Please contact Sherrie Walker at in the church office to request a home, hospital, or nursing home visit.


We are blessed with a beautiful facility that is conducive for weddings. We want to offer the sanctuary as a resource for those who desire to get married here.  Also, our pastors are willing and able to be a part of your wedding by officiating at your ceremony.   If you are interested in utilizing the facility, please take time to fill out the wedding application by clicking on the link below.  When we receive the completed application, weddings are approved by the leadership based upon availability.  Once the date and times are approved, we simply ask for a deposit in order to hold the date.  Contact Sherrie at for any additional questions  or the online wedding application.


Our facility and pastors are available to support you as you go through the loss of a loved one.  If you want to hold a funeral at Rochester Assembly or you need pastoral care, please contact the church office immediately and we will walk with you through this challenging time.  507.288.0868


Our transportation ministry exists to help people find a ride to church who have no other means of transportation on Sunday mornings.  If you are visiting Mayo, please help us help you by contacting us to arrange a pick-up at your hotel or hospital building.  Please contact Sherrie Walker at or call the church office at 507.288.0868.

Mayo Clinic Housing:

Rochester Assembly aims to support and assist those who may be visiting the Mayo Clinic for various reasons by offering pastoral care and temporary housing. If you are a visitor to the Mayo Clinic, please take the time to fill out the following application.


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